Leveraging FS/KKR

We are externally managed by FS/KKR Advisor, LLC, an investment adviser jointly operated by KKR Credit and FS Investments. Through exemptive relief from the SEC, we have access to the same deal flow as KKR Credit’s institutional investors, receiving a pro rata allocation of deals that fit our mandate.

Benefits of our relationship with KKR Credit include:

Access to KKR and FS Investments Global Credit Platforms.  
Dedicated team of ~120 credit investment professionals

Alignment of Interests.
Multi-billion dollar commitment from KKR’s balance sheet and employees to KKR Credit strategies

Global, Diversified Private Credit Sourcing Platform.  
KKR Private Credit’s opportunity set is funneled through a rigorous screening and approval process, with “private equity”-style due diligence that leverages investment and operational teams across KKR

Best-In-Class Underwriting Capabilities.  
Typically sole or lead lender, allowing for strong documentation and structural protections

Investment Monitoring & Risk Management.
Full quarterly re-underwriting of every credit, supplemented with portfolio-level risk analysis