Our Portfolio

We seek to continue to build on the strong investment expertise and sourcing networks of KKR Credit and FS Investments, the joint operators of our investment adviser, and adhere to an investment approach that emphasizes strong fundamental credit analysis and rigorous portfolio monitoring. We intend to continue to be disciplined in selecting investments and focused on opportunities that we perceive offer favorable risk/reward characteristics and relative value. We believe the market for lending is currently characterized by significant demand for capital and that we will continue to have considerable opportunities as a provider of capital to achieve attractive pricing and terms on our investments.

Our Investment Focus

While we consider each investment opportunity independently, we generally focus on portfolio companies that share the following characteristics:

  • Size. We seek to provide capital to medium- and large-sized private companies, which typically have more defensible market positions, stronger franchises and operations and better credit characteristics relative to their smaller peers. Although there are no strict lower or upper limits on the size of a company in which we may invest, we expect to focus on companies with EBITDAs (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) greater than $25 million.
  • Capital Structure. Our portfolio consists primarily of senior and subordinated debt, which may in some cases be accompanied by warrants, options, equity co-investments, or other forms of equity participation. We seek to invest in companies that generate free cash flow at the time of our investment and benefit from material investments from well-known equity investors.
  • Management Team. We seek to prioritize investing in portfolio companies with strong management teams that we believe have a clear strategic vision, long-standing experience in their industry and a successful operating track record. We favor companies in which management’s incentives appear to be closely aligned with the long-term performance of the business, such as through equity ownership.
  • Stage of Business Life Cycle. We seek mature, privately owned businesses that have long track records of stable, positive cash flow. We do not intend to invest in start-up companies or companies with speculative business plans. As a business development company, we generally must, under relevant SEC rules, invest at least 70% of our total assets in “qualifying assets,” which include all private companies, companies whose securities are not listed on a national securities exchange, and certain public listed companies that have a market capitalization of less than $250 million.
  • Industry Focus.  While we will consider opportunities within all industries, we seek to prioritize industries having, in our view, favorable characteristics from a lending perspective. For example, we seek companies in established industries with stable competitive and regulatory frameworks, where the main participants have enjoyed predictable, low-volatility earnings. We give less emphasis to industries that are frequently characterized by less predictable and more volatile earnings.
  • Geography.   As a business development company under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “1940 Act”), we focus on and invest at least 70% of our total assets in U.S. companies. To the extent we invest in foreign companies, we are required to do so in accordance with 1940 Act limitations and only in jurisdictions with established legal frameworks and a history of respecting creditor rights, including countries that are members of the European Union, as well as Canada, Australia and Japan.

While we believe the criteria listed above are important in identifying and investing in portfolio companies, we consider each investment on a case-by-case basis. It is possible that not all of these criteria will be met by each portfolio company in which we invest. There is no limit on the maturity or duration of any investment in our portfolio. Substantially all of the investments held in our portfolio have either a sub-investment grade rating by Moody’s Investors Service and/or Standard & Poor’s or are not rated by any rating agency. Investment sizes vary as our capital base changes and are ultimately at the discretion of FS/KKR Advisor, LLC, as our investment advisor, subject to oversight by our board of directors.


Investment Characteristics

as of June 30, 2018

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1) The weighted average annual yield on accruing debt instruments is based on amortized cost as of the end of the applicable period. The weighted average annual yield for accruing debt investments is computed as (i) the sum of (a) the stated annual interest rate of each debt investment, multiplied by its par amount, adjusted to U.S. dollars when necessary, as of the end of the applicable reporting period, plus (b) the annual amortization of the purchase or original issue discount or premium of each debt investment assuming amortization to par; divided by (ii) the total amortized cost of debt investments included in the calculated group as of the end of the applicable reporting period. 2) Strategic Credit Opportunities Partners is a joint venture between CCT and Conway Capital, LLC ("Conway"), an affiliate of Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company and Delaware Life Insurance Company, in which CCT and Conway each have 50% voting control and are required to agree on all investment decisions as well as other significant actions.